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Many experts believe that the emergence of other social networks has made Facebook less important for B2B digital marketing. However, if executed properly, this strategy can be a powerful marketing ally for any business.

Today, Facebook has over 1 billion daily active users worldwide. That’s a lot of people on one social network, right?

If you think Facebook B2B digital marketing campaigns are only aimed at retailers, you’re wrong. Social networks have different demographics of audiences who, despite appearing there as individuals, still consider themselves CNPJ.

For example, a retail strategy uses more specific approach techniques, since its sales cycle is slightly different from other segments. Despite this difference, some elements can ultimately be used for other actions.

Even if you do not sell directly on Facebook, relying on a strategy that creates visibility for your business can be very beneficial in creating opportunities. This is because a campaign focused on brand awareness on Facebook, for example, can encourage the public to search the Internet for more referral information about your business. However, if you want to rely on Facebook’s B2B digital marketing strategy, you need to understand your audience well and define the main focus of your campaign.

We’ll discuss this in more detail later in this article to help you on this journey. This means you’re on the right track to define the best B2B marketing strategy for your company.

Read on!

Why build a B2B digital marketing campaign for Facebook? Building a B2B digital marketing effort for Facebook can improve several metrics for your business: It also helps your brand to gain a high profile in the market.

Facebook is a platform that is accessible even to small and medium-sized businesses. It is possible to launch a campaign on the social network for less than R$20. However, the return depends on the amount spent on the shares.

Facebook has a large number of daily active users, but its organic reach, i.e. the reach without applying a quantitative value, is low. That’s why investing in this social network can be a very efficient strategy for your business.

In addition to financial investment, you should also rely on daily posts to spread your fan page and increase user engagement, which will significantly increase your brand awareness.

Facebook also offers broad audience targeting, which means that you can create a series of ads within the platform and target each one according to the profile of each group of users. In addition to all the above advantages, relying on B2B digital marketing campaigns on Facebook allows you to increase lead generation for your portfolio. This is due to the fact we just mentioned. When creating an ad group, you can define the user targeting according to your strategy and choose one of the formats available on Facebook.

Creating promotions on Facebook can significantly improve the performance of your business. In addition, you can get important information about your audience, analyze metrics to improve your campaigns, and consult reports provided by the platform itself. Of course, this can be a very effective strategy to get great results for your business.

How do I build a Facebook B2B digital marketing campaign? We’ve explained the importance of investing in Facebook B2B digital marketing campaigns. Now we’ll show you how to build these campaigns for your business.

First, you need to set some goals. Many decision makers are on Facebook. That’s why it’s important to base your strategy on your target audience profile.

Start your planning by answering these questions:

Who is my target group?

What products or services will I promote? What is the best communication and visual identity approach to address this strategy? How long do I intend to work on this campaign? Now that these points are clear, we can move on to the next step:

Segment your audience
Facebook has a segmentation feature that allows you to filter the reach of your campaigns. This feature allows you to define your audience based on conversions from campaigns you have run previously. This means, for example, that a particular post will be shown to users who have not shown any interest in that content.

In addition to being able to segment your audience by demographic and geographic data, you can also split your audience by profession or job title. This allows you to target professionals with some decision-making authority, regardless of the size of the company.

Let’s say you want to promote your new marketing consulting services to technology companies. You can target your campaign so that only managers or presidents can see your ads, further increasing the quality of the leads generated.

You can also work with multiple campaigns at the same time, targeting each one to a specific group.

Generate Qualified Leads Another very interesting feature that Facebook offers is the ability to generate qualified leads to your base through Facebook Lead Ads. In addition to recording data such as age, occupation, and place of residence, you can also ask for the user’s contact details.

When creating a Facebook sign-up ad, you can use instant forms to collect contact information from users with the desired profiles on both Facebook and Instagram. To do this, simply use the platform’s Ads Manager.

Remarketing Campaigns
Remarketing or retargeting is an effective technique to reach specific users who have already engaged with your business. Whether a lead is stuck somewhere in the funnel, it is not considered lost, quite the opposite. You can trade with a remarketing campaign to give them another chance to convert.

Facebook ads allow you to target your ads only to users who have already interacted with the action you are promoting, such as a URL link or a form submission.

If a specific user is interested in your business but has not reached the final stage, you can bring them back with a campaign. You can set the duration of this asset or even make it permanent, so your leads can be sure that your company can help them in some way.

Consult a specialized B2B marketing agency
Facebook’s ad generation tools are intuitive and simple, but some questions may arise over time.

There are several specialized agencies that provide B2B digital marketing consulting for Facebook, aiming to strengthen your brand and improve your company’s performance by developing tailor-made projects to achieve the best results.

NextNova has a talented team that works intensively on the development of B2B marketing campaigns. This allows you to focus on the most bureaucratic issues of your company while working based on market best practices. Contact us for NextNew. Learn more here.

Conclusion: Is B2B digital marketing on Facebook worth it?In this article, we discussed the importance of building a B2B digital marketing campaign for Facebook. Not only is it a highly effective way to increase brand awareness, but it’s also a great lead generation strategy.

Because it’s an accessible platform, businesses of all sizes can invest in digital marketing campaigns. All you need is to configure your goals, get to know your target audience better and determine the duration of each campaign. Defining these assets will make it even easier to build the next steps.

We have also seen some of the opportunities that Facebook offers your business to get closer and closer to a satisfactory result. With features such as reporting, the ability to create remarketing campaigns, and obtaining contact details for lead generation, your business can only win.

If you know how to configure all these assets, you may have doubts, so the ideal way is to hire a professional agency. Moreover, an agency that is fully focused on developing this type of campaign is also an investment that gives employees more peace of mind so that they can focus on more bureaucratic issues. In other words, the agency will not only work on personalized campaigns but will also act based on their experience in the market. Of course, this is a great bet.

Do you see how efficient it is to rely on Facebook’s B2B digital marketing strategy to achieve good results in your business?

So, why not try to boost your business on Facebook? You can work on customized campaigns based on the goals you want to achieve. Contact us to find out more about how we can help you work towards a strategy that delivers real results for your business.


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